Google Analytics + Constant Contact Source of Referral

  • 11 January 2022
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I have a Zap so new constant contact contacts fire a Google Analytics event. Everything is working great; however, I’d like to be able to either:

  1. Show the path from which the person signed up in GA (as a page or referrer or source) so I can differentiate whether a landing page was used, or
  2. Differentiate in Zapier which form is being used from Constant Contact

Thank you in advance!


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6 replies

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Hi @renee 

  • Differentiate in Zapier which form is being used from Constant Contact

Try using a Filter step in your Zap:

This is a great tool! I can’t seem to differentiate inline forms from one another using Constant Contact’s available properties. Any other hints that might be helpful?

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Can you post what data points are returned from the CC Zap trigger step?
Maybe there is a CC Form ID that can be used.

Sure thing. All I see are list IDs, but those can be used across forms (screen shots, since copy/paste loses formatting):

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Are you able to set this value as part of the CC Form?


OR are you able to set a custom field value as part of the CC Form?


Thanks, Troy. That source value is set by default, and it cannot be changed. 

Regarding the custom field, I was hoping I could add a value to a field and hide it, but it won’t allow me to add a value per form, and it adds the custom_field property whether it’s used in the form output or not.

This seems to be a flaw with (or a hole in) Constant Contact’s API, honestly. It seems the only way to differentiate is to set up a separate form for each list, unfortunately.