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Getting data BACK from Zapier to WordPress

  • 21 February 2020
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I love Zapier and Gravity Forms and WordPress.

I love triggering things through Gravity Forms, but I'm in a situation where I need the result of a zap to go back to WordPress and tell the user what the result was. Do I need to call the wordpress api for this?

More detail:

I let a user submit a form to create a new Salesforce Object - an account. I want to make sure a user doesn't create an account in Salesforce if it already exists.

So the form takes a name. A zap grabs the name and searches Salesforce to see if that account exists. I can get this far, but not further:

If the account already exists I want to send that response back to WordPress/Gravity Forms and tell the user that a duplicate exists. How do I get this info from Zapier back to WordPress/Gravity Forms??

Thanks, I'm really sweating over how to do this.


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Hi @SimonC

You need to do a Path step (if/then). The logic is this:

IF Salesforce account EXISTS -> send a webhook/response code. Probably a code step that has a json object with the correct error for Gravity forms.

IF Salesfoce account Does Not Exist -> continue doing the rest of the workflow