Formatter step to split first three characters from rest of string

  • 23 June 2023
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I am trying to use the Formatter step to format phone numbers by splitting the country code from the rest of the number.


I tried to do it using the split text. I need help in knowing what to put in the Separator field.



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6 replies

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If you want to always remove the first three characters you can change the slice call to slice(3)

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Hi @R.A. 

As far as the code is concerned, you can just change the “-10” in the code to be “-8” in each spot.

Your main issue seems to be that the application you are sending the number to only accepts 10 or 11 digits numbers (likely assuming North American numbers).

I would suggest looking in the settings of your app to see if you can change the phone format to 8 digits.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the above. That helps.


Would this work with 8 digit numbers ? I see the following note under the phone field in my Action:

“Must be at least a 10- or 11-digit number. This field has a limit of 40 characters.”


The destination has a limit of 8 numbers.



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Hi Rawan,

In that case, here is a Code by Zapier action that I believe would work for you.


Just make sure that you map the field where you see +5550123456789 so that it will be dynamic.


I’ll also put the code below so you can copy/paste.


let phoneNumber = inputData.number;

phoneNumber = phoneNumber.replace(/\D/g, "");

let countryCode = phoneNumber.slice(0,-10);

let tenDigitNumber = phoneNumber.slice(-10, phoneNumber.length);

output = [{countryCode, tenDigitNumber}];

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thanks for the above tip.

That works if I wanted to remove the country code.


However, what I want to do is split the country code and send to a destination field and send the rest of the number to another destination field.



Input: +97300000000

Desired output:

Item1: 973

Item2: 00000000


Appreciate support here.



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Hi @R.A. 

It sounds like you are trying to do this with a Text Formatter step. 

I would recommend using a Number Formatter step (phone formatter) where you can choose an output that doesn’t have the country code.

Here is a picture of what I mean.  Hope this helps!