Find out how many attachments in form and upload ALL to airtable

  • 16 May 2024
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i have a form (FluentForms), where my clients can upload many files. I want to upload all the files to my airtable. The problem i’m facing is the following: I don’t know how many attachments are uploaded.

I’m getting the uploads in this format:

So I have a variable for every single attachment and I don’t know how many attachments are uploaded.

Of course I can add the single attachments to airtable, but I want all attachments to be uploaded. How can I find out how many attachments there are and upload all of them?

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4 replies

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Hey @codingidiot ,


How many questions are you asking on your form where user uploads form? You can definetely know how many images were uploaded by using Code by Zapier action



@jayeshkumarbhatia All the other questions are no problem, as they are single questions. But I need a away on how to figure out how many attachments are uploaded and upload all of them to my airtable.


Do you have any other suggestions?

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The only solution which i can think of is using Code by Zapier . I don’t think there is any other solution that can help you.


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Hi @codingidiot 

If you change the trigger to Webhook - Catch RAW Hook, then that should capture the webhook data payload as raw JSON.

A Code step could be used to dynamically derive all the files based on the URL structure.


If you need to upload each file individually, then you can use the Looping app: