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Find a record in Salesforce - search by multiple fields

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hi - 

I simply want to Find a Record in Salesforce by  a Contact’s email address AND Last Name. But the “Field To Search By” only allows 1 field. Can this be solved with a SOQL query? If, so how would it be written? thanks



Best answer by Liz_Roberts 4 June 2020, 22:25

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Hi @Kim S ,

Thanks for reaching out!

I see that you worked with Jared in Support on this question and, as it’s not yet possible in Zapier to search by multiple criteria for the Salesforce record, they have added you to an existing feature request.

This does a few things:

- Bring this to the attention of the developers
- Helps track interest in this feature being implemented
- Allows us to notify you via email if this feature becomes available in the future

While I don't have an estimate on when this might be added, we will definitely notify you via email if it is.

I know that is not the answer you were hoping for, but please let us know if you have any additional questions!

Has this been fixed? Can you add me to the existing feature request as well. 

Is there a workaround for this?

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Hi @MCFAdmin ,

I have added you to this existing feature request! 

I see that some users have gotten around this by using paths with a Filter step to check if the Find Record search returned anything. I’m not sure if that fits with your workflow but hopefully it is an option!

Hi Liz, Please add me to the existing feature request.



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Hi @finnsta, I’ve added you as an interested user on that feature request. Thanks!

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Hello! Could you please add me to the feature request @Liz_Roberts ? This is a major request for our clients that use Zapier to integrate with Salesforce. 

Thank you!

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Hi @CauseMic - Added. Thank you!

Can you add me also, this is a must have to integrate with Salesforce and avoid to have duplicates. Teh use case is simple, i have many contacts and i need to Find Record according to First name, last name, company name, and maybe other fields

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Hi @Germain (and everyone else on this thread). We have another thread on this topic and one of our most active members proposed a solution:

In that reply he links to this help doc:

Does this help:


Hi all, could I be added to this feature request as well? We have a pretty common need for multiple criteria to be met; a single filter is a bit limiting. Also need to be able to return multiple records based on those criteria, not just a single record—ie, the Find Record(s) action.

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Hi @cdwyer 


I’ve added you to this feature request. We’ll update you via email once available. Thanks!

@jammer.solijon perfect, thanks so much! 👍