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Filtered email from google sheets using go canvas

  • 12 August 2020
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I having difficulty filtering spreadsheet rows to send emails (outlook) on specific issues. I have two separate zaps running concurrently one zaps a data dump of information (from go canvas) onto a spreadsheet as a new row.

My second zap will then send an email if there is an issue with a field in the column.

Whenever I set these up I always get the error message on the filter without fail, however the email may work 8/10

The types of filters I'm applying are as follows:

  1. Number >1.99
  2. Contains "Not" or Equals “Not OK” - same issue for both
  3. Set up True booleans to trigger it and it is sporadic also.

Could this be because spreadsheet is updating more than 1 row in google sheets and is instantly trying to run a zap to email information hence cancelling each other out?

Is there a way to make this work every time, or more smoothly?


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3 replies

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Hi @jdmillar!

It would be super helpful if you could provide some examples of what came into the filter, what that filter is set to do and then the result not being what you would have expected. 

So if you have it set up to filter for numbers greater than 1.99 and 2.5 came in but it got stopped by the filter, for example. Screenshots would be great, as long as they don’t contain any personally identifiable information.


Hey @nicksimard 

The best example I can give is below

I have a pre-start checklist in GoCanvas which prompts the user to answer OK or Not OK if the specific item is at fault. This will then auto populate every result on a google sheets database as below:

Most submissions will be adding approximately 19 rows of data to the spreadsheet in google drive.

I then have another zap that is filtering the ‘Evaluation’ Column in order to send an email when it is deemed ‘Not OK’



This will work sporadically, however if there were 3 Not OK rows updated in one batch, it might miss a few. When I test the zap I always get the ‘would not continue’ error message, but this is something I seem to get  with all of the filtered outlook zaps I'm doing. I seem to get better results when filtering by number.

I have also tried setting up my sheets with True/False booleans to update and have the same issues. Just wondering if I am doing something wrong that is preventing full functionality?

Thank you

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Hi @jdmillar ,

Thanks for the example! In this instance, our Support team would be best suited to assist as they can take a look at your specific configuration to troubleshoot.

You can reach them here and they’ll be happy to get you squared away!