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Error with Updated Opportunity (Salesforce) trigger

  • 26 October 2021
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I’ve set up a zap that triggers only when an Opportunity is updated to ‘Closed Won’, and then the Opportunity must pass a filter before the zap can proceed. However, there were old ‘Closed Won’ opportunities that triggered the zap, even though there had been no update made on these old opportunities. I wondered what in the trigger setup that went wrong. 

Below is the trigger setup screenshot:



Below is the filter in the next step:


Appreciate if I could get some help to review the zap.


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 26 October 2021, 04:01

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4 replies

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Thanks again @Troy Tessalone !




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Yes, that should limit the Zap to only trigger when the Stage is updated to Closed Won.
TIP: When in doubt, test it out.

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Thanks @Troy Tessalone 

Since the error happened, I have updated my zap to use Salesforce, instead of Salesforce (Legacy) .

The new trigger is as below:

Would this guarantee that the zap only fires when the opportunity is updated?




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Hi @ASAoperations

Make sure you’re using the newer version of the Salesforce Zap app.


Then, try using this Zap trigger instead: Salesforce - Updated Field on Record


One reason the Zap may have triggered for “old” Opportunities, is because there can be sub-processes on the Salesforce side that may update an Opportunity when other things happen in Salesforce. (e.g. related Contact updated)

[Check the Opportunity history log in Salesforce for context.]

With the way you currently have the Zap trigger, it will fire anytime there is an update for Opportunities in the Stage = Closed Won, not just when they enter that Stage.