Download a CSV from URL that changes its name daily.

  • 31 August 2022
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I have a csv url from a vendor for their inventory...the name is consistent, but they timestamp the file name like “file_2022-08-30.csv).. it does use an underscore, so perhaps it could use that to look for

It changes every day…

Might there be a way to create a zap that could change to download this? or to google sheets and update it daily


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8 replies

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Hi @HBSteve 

Good question.

You can use a Formatter > Date / Time > Format step to get the Date in the desired format to dynamically create a URL.

Beginner here.. how? I seem to only get an error soon as i added the Formatter (this keeps popping up), and can’t find date/time


I assumed I needed to use “Schedule” first before formatter since that option was greyed out


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Where are you trying to download the file? (e.g. GDrive)


Where are you trying to download the file? (e.g. GDrive)

From the vendors website… just a URL...

If you meant where to… don’t really sheets would be fine i’d assume

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The CSV file needs to be downloaded and saved somewhere. (e.g. GDrive Folder)

The CSV can then be opened manually in GSheets.

It gets more complicated if you are trying to download the CSV then import the CSV file data to another GSheet, as there are limitations to factor in.

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Hi @HBSteve ,

Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?

I’m wondering if this thread will help you: 


Keep us posted 😊