Delete event in one Google Cal and Zap Deletes in other calendars

  • 3 December 2020
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I have a ZAP setup that will duplicate a calendar event from the first cal to the second cal,

I cant seem to find a way to delete the first ( manually ) and then have ZAP auto delete it from the second cal. 


Am I totally missing something here? 



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7 replies

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Trigger: GCal Event Canceled

You’d have to then find the event in the other calendar.

And lastly, delete the found event in the other calendar.


Thanks - in looking at the listings, it will only allow the deletion of the individual event… 


I’d like to see when something that was created by a ZAP, can be deleted by a ZAP. Currently it appears that you have to pick the individual cal event to be deleted, which I could do myself by hand w/in GCal much easier. 



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Correct, to delete an event you need the GCal Event ID, which can be dynamically mapped from Step 2 using the “Custom” option.


Im not looking to delete each one individually Lets see - 


Create GCal event “HELP” and “SMILE” in GCal named TROY

ZAP Copies  GCal Event “HELP” and “SMILE” to GCal ALLEN


Later that day, I go in and want to delete “SMILE” - 


Currently it appears that unless I specify that I want “SMILE” deleted, ( which is required by its own ID as stated earlier in its own ZAP ) it will stay in the ALLEN GCal being that there is no specific ZAP identified. 


Would like to just be able to delete “SMILE” from GCal TROY and have it auto removed from GCal ALLEN without having to create a ZAP for each and every event I have w/in GCal TROY

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Check this article for how to dynamically map data points between steps:


  1. Trigger: GCal Event Cancelled (in GCal 1)
  2. Action: GCal Find Event (in GCal 2) [Event Name is mapped from Step 1]
  3. Action: GCal Delete Event (in GCal 2) [Event ID from Step 2 is mapped to the Event field using the “Custom” mapping so that the data point is dynamic each time the Zap runs]
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Hey @Allen - I have run myself in circles trying to do this, and honestly? You’re right - It’s definitely harder that it feels like it should be...One question (and I ask, because it only recently occurred to me to do this) - Would just sharing your calendar with the other account (and not using Zapier for this) be enough here?

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Hi @Allen!

Since this was a little while ago, I wanted to check in to see if you’d managed to solve this or whether you still needed help here. Please let us know!