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Creating Events in Facebook Groups

  • 27 January 2021
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I’m a local officer in an organization, and we’re looking to expand the way we communicate/share/advertise our events to our members. In an effort to streamline and simplify, I’m thinking it makes sense to have a central repository of our events (either in Google Sheets or Google Calendar), and then from there send it to each communication channel. Zapier is an obvious choice to consider for automated the distribution of the information, however I’ve run into an early problem.

On of the main goals of our committee is to have a Facebook event for each of our events. We use a private group for our members, and it’s important that the events stay private to our population (among other reasons, some events are at members’ homes, and therefore their address is shared). The number of events can be anywhere from 30-60 a month, so manually created each event in Facebook is not really viable.

I cannot seem to find a way to automate creating events in a Facebook group from either Google Sheets or Google Calendar, and there seems to be conflicting indicators of whether this is possible or not. Does anybody know if this is possible? Is there another way to make this happen?

Any insight that somebody can provide would be greatly appreciated. I’m also open to any suggestions on a better way to handle the entire task at hand. For reference, the goal is to share our events via Facebook group events, our newsletter (which just needs to make it into a Word doc to copy to Publisher), a shared/subscribe Google Calendar, our website (Wordpress), and a weekly email (not yet created, but probably via MailChimp or comparable software). Am I generally on the right track? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Hi @CNS85 

These are the only 2 actions available via the Facebook Groups Zap app integration currently.