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Create an unfulifilled Shopify order

  • 21 April 2021
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Hi everyone,


I am trying to make a Zap that creates an order in Shopify from Google Sheets, but when I choose the Fulfillment Status “None of the line items in the order have been fulfilled” the system throws me the following error:





On the other hand I would like to know if it’s possible to create an order with multiple items and how can I do that.


Any help will be really useful.




Best answer by Danvers 29 April 2021, 11:47

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Hi @Steph-a!


I can’t see the error message that was added to your post, do you think you could upload it again?


To create an order with line items, you need to change the text in your Google Sheet into line items, which you can do using the Formatter app. There’s a guide on how to do that in this help doc


When you’ve changed the text into line items, you’ll be able to add it to the Shopify action 🙂

Hi @Danvers !


Thank you so much for your help! You led me on the right direction :slight_smile:


Once i formatted the needed cells with the Formatter app everything worked up! I’m guessing that to create an “Unfulfilled” order you need to add more than one item:



However, another question came arround and i was wondering if maybe you would be able to help me with it: Can i add the shipping method + rate from the zap? 


When i create an order directly from Shopify it gives me the option to choose the type of shipping and the amount of it, but in the zap i haven’t got a section to chaege it:



Thanks again!


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Hi @Steph-a!

That feature is not available at the moment, I'm afraid. It's something other users have asked for so I've gone ahead and added your vote for this feature request. You’ll be notified via email when that’s been added :) 

Has there been any progress on the shipping rate issue? Surely this should be something you can do with the Create Order zap? It’s frustrating because this is the only thing stopping me from accurately syncing orders between my two Shopify stores. Any updates appreciated.

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Hi @samredman 


I’ve added you to this feature request. We will notify you via email when that feature is ready.

Hi @jammer.solijon, could you possibly add me to that feature request for the shipping method + rate as well? Hoping to get an update on it once it’s ready.



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Definitely @kbkrispy!


I’ve added you to this feature request and we’ll update you via email once ready. Thanks!