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Continue only if... Google sheet column contains a text I've specified

  • 16 December 2020
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I’m trying to create a “Continue Only if” condition where a text I specify needs to be found in a specific Google Sheet column.

How do I make it look within a specific Google sheet column?

Thanks in advance for any help with this!


Best answer by Janine_Anderson 16 December 2020, 14:51

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Thanks Janine!

Do you know the correct ‘action event’ I should be using in the ‘Google Sheet step’ to pull in a column’s data? I’m using the ‘lookup spreadsheet row’ action event but I think this just pulls in a row rather than a whole column I can reference later.

Thanks again!

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Hi @MGZ . Thanks for the question! To set this up, you’ll need a Filter step between your Google Sheet step and the action you’d like Zapier to perform for you. In that step, map the column you want Zapier to watch for the specific text to the Choose field section. In Choose condition you’ll select (Text) contains and then in the Enter or select value section you’ll write the specific text the Zap should look for. 

This will make it so that the Zap only continues on to the rest of the actions if the text you’ve specified is found in the column you selected.

Here’s an example of how the filter step fits in between a Google Sheets trigger step and an action step (in this case, it’s sending a message in Slack). 


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I hope that helps you get things moving!

— Janine