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Can Table (A) be checked for an existing email address before a zap adds a new record in Table (B) on Zoho CRM?

  • 17 April 2020
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Can I use Zapier in this way?


I want to have zapier update Zoho Leads (leads table) with new contact records from Outlook. But before it adds the record, I want it to check the Contacts Table (different from leads) to see if the associated email address already exists. If the email address does not already exist as part of a contact record, then it should go ahead and create the new Lead record on the Lead Table. But if the email address is found in Contacts, the Zap does not occur, and no new record is made.

There is a basic system in place like this, but it is creating too many duplicate records. (not duplicates in the same table, but duplicate of records in contacts in the leads table).


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Hi Rich,

I see that you’ve written to our Support team and they have responded with some directions and also some questions. Please continue the conversation there, since they’re able to dig into your Zaps :)

If it’s at all possible for you to update this thread once they’ve resolved that for you, it would be much appreciated! That way, anyone else who finds this thread will be able to benefit from the answer.


I wonder if you could point me in the direction of their response. I’ve not received an email about a response anywhere. Where can I find this response?

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Hey Rich,

Not sure why you wouldn’t have received their reply! Here’s what’s they wrote:


Thanks for reaching out to us. I'll gladly help you out with this.

With what you're looking to do, I'd suggest adding a Filter step between the Find Module and Create Module steps in your Zap:

(view larger)

With that Filter step, you can then tell that Zap to only continue if nothing is found in that previous Find Module step. This way, if something is found, that Filter step will stop it from moving on to the next step. But if nothing is found, it will then move onto that Create Module step.

I hope that helps, and please reach back out if you need any other help.


Does that help you out?