Can I find and update specific spreadsheets in Google Sheets based on selected persons in Pipedrive?

  • 2 June 2023
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Hey everyone. 

I’m wondering if it’s possible somehow to create a zap from a CRM (Pipedrive in this case) to Google Sheets, where depending on the person selected in Pipedrive, it finds and updates the spreadsheet with the name of the customer.


For some background, the company I work for has a spreadsheet dedicated to each service provider we use to help our customers. 

So customer places an order with us, we look at the best service provider for them and add an order to the spreadsheet we share with them. 


I understand it’s possible to find worksheets, but what about spreadsheets in general and then worksheets specifically? 


Thank you in advance for helping!

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Hi @Filipef!

There are a few different ways that you can do this and which you go with will depend on: how many different service providers you have, if you update them frequently and whether or not the sheets are formatted in the same way (they have the same columns in the same order). Can I also ask how the information is organized in the Google Sheet? Specifically, are there different worksheets for different things? I want to make sure that we have a full picture of exactly how you’ll need this to work. 

If the Sheets have different columns, you’ll need to use Paths. Paths allow you to split a Zap and run different actions depending on the input from a previous step. In this case, you would have a different Path for each service provider. You can also ‘nest’ paths (have a path within a path), so that would allow you to select the spreadsheet and worksheet that you need for each service provider. There are a couple of drawbacks with paths, first that you will need to a new path each time you add a service provider/spreadsheet. The second is that they are only available on the Zapier Professional Plan and above, so if you were looking at the Starter Plan, you wouldn’t be able to use this option. 


Another way of doing this would be to use a Lookup table (which is a function in Formatter by Zapier). The table would take the name of the service provider and use that to look up the ID of the spreadsheet in Google Sheets. You can then use the ID of the spreadsheet as a custom value in the Google Sheets step to tell the Zap which sheet to update. This will only work if all the Spreadsheets have the same columns. 

You can learn more about how paths and lookup tables help you to add conditions to your Zaps in this article:


To your original question, it’s possible to find Google Sheets using the Google Drive integration and the Find File action. That will get you the spreadsheet ID, which you can use as a custom value in the Google Sheets create row step. There isn’t a way to search for worksheets inside a spreadsheet. You can create a new worksheet in a spreadsheet, which can be new or based on an existing worksheet in the spreadsheet, but you can’t search for one. 


I hope that’s all clear, if you’d like some more help figuring this out, please don’t hesitate to come back to us. It will be especially useful to know if the spreadsheets are arranged differently (if the columns are the same or different), how many service providers there are and how often you’ll want to add a new one.