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I am looking to have Zapier trigger when I assign a DUE DATE to a subtask. When I choose the calendar date, Zapier will trigger a new event within Google Calendar. 

I do not see an option for that workflow currently in Zapier.

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Hey there, @Shazel! Thanks for reaching out!

I took a quick peek and you’re right! It looks like at the moment, the Asana app doesn’t have a trigger for date changes. 😔 At the moment this doesn’t appear doable but it might be worth opening a ticket with my friends in support! They may be able to open a new feature request for ya.

While I don’t know of a workaround, it’s possible someone in the community may be able to chime in! 🤗

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Hi @Shazel ,

You could set up an automation within Asana to add a tag to the task/subtask when you set a due date, then use the ‘Tag Added to Task’ trigger in Zapier to create the Google Calendar event.

Does that work?

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Hey @Shazel! I see you’ve opened a ticket with our support team so I wanted to encourage working with them there. In the meantime, I wanted to check in to see if @silisolutionist’s was helpful for you. Let us know!