Allow Zapier to access your OptiwAI Account: Client ID, copy and paste "Client ID" from one of your API Keys

  • 26 May 2023
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What does the below mean. I can  not get past this in order to start my project. Please help!


Allow Zapier to access your OptiwAI Account?

Client ID 

Copy and paste "Client ID" from one of your API Keys

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1 reply

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Hey there @O.King, welcome to the Community! 👋

The wording seems a little strange on those instructions but it looks like you need to enter the Client ID and Secret Key for your OptiwAI account in order to connect Zapier to it:

I tried to visit the url that’s mentioned but couldn’t get the page to load. So it is the issue that you’re unable to locate the relevant Client ID and Secret Keys for your account?

If so, can you try logging into your OptiwAI account directly and take a look through the settings and account details to see if that information is there? I’m not super familiar with OptiwAI so can’t say exactly where you’d find that information but usually I’d expect to find that sort of information somewhere within the details/settings for the account.

If that’s not the issue, is it that you’ve already provided those details into the relevant fields but it’s not adding the connection? In which case can you please share a screenshot of any error messages you’re seeing? And please remove/hide any private information (like names, emails, passwords, secret keys etc.) from any screenshots before sharing.

Looking forward to hearing from you on this!