Add tag to subscriber in AWeber

  • 7 July 2021
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Hi I’m trying to complete my first zap. I want to add a tag to subscribers in aweber when they purchase a product in thinkific. 


When setting up the action, it asked me for ‘subscriber’ however it doesn’t give me the option to use the subscriber I wish too for the purpose of the test. There are other subscribers but not the one I’m using. 


When type it in manually, the test comes back with

The app returned "Object: None, name: u'subscribers'".



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3 replies

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The field might just be called ID once it is returned. Can you share the results of the Find Subscriber step? 

It also might be helpful to look at the data returned in the dropdown list when you are looking at the other subscribers. Zapier will show you in a value in black which is the “friendly name” and in small grey text is the actual value. 

I can find the subscriber in aweber, but the only ‘subscriber ID’ I can locate is an email address or an IP address. I’ve tried both in the ‘subscriber’ field when creating the zap and I keep getting this error: The app returned "Object: None, name: u'subscribers'


Any ideas? 


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Hi @liam1944 

Try using these steps…

Action: AWeber - Find/Create Subscriber

Action: AWeber - Update Subscriber (map the Subscriber ID from the previous step using the ‘Custom’ option)