Zap is not capturing data from Stripe to add in Mailchimp

  • 8 August 2021
  • 2 replies

When a new user subscribes it adds into stripe but Zapier in not capturing it to add in Mailchimp but incase of empty customer name or email it sends error messagefor the missing email of the customer. But when live customer is added it does not capture it.

2 replies

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Hi @faisal 

Can you recheck whether you have selected the right trigger? If your customers are enrolling into subscription charge you may use the ‘event’ trigger as shown:

Try changing the trigger and check whether it works. It should work if you have set up your accounts correctly. If it doesn’t seem to work that way, you can set up webhook using Stripe API and send the data to zapier using “webhook by zapier” app.

I have changed it to the New Event but now my zap is not turning on.