How to get custom form data from Shopify?

  • 15 September 2021
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Need help in fixing one of my zaps, it's a Shopify + Google sheet integration.

My use case is, I am using a custom form in Shopify - which is used to finally filter a product in Shopify. After making the purchase in Shopify, I need the data entered by the user in that Shopify form into the google sheet. Currently, I don't see that form data emitted by Shopify. 


How can I fix this? 





3 replies

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If the form is part of the order details, than you must receive the data in Shopify. Can you share me your shopify website link where i can view the form?

Thanks for your reply! 
Here you go:  (This is still in dev)



>>If the form is part of the order details.

To elaborate on this,  the form identifies which SKU’s to buy. This is what you meant as part of the detail right?