Freshdesk ticket data into Pipedrive contact

  • 23 June 2021
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Hello all, 

We are using Freshdesk for our ticketing system that is also linked with Pipedrive that is used as a CRM and I am trying to find a way of sending more information from I can currently pass into Pipedrive from a Freshdesk ticket.

At the moment I can only create a contact with the Pipedrive plugin that is included into Freshdesk but I would like to explore the possibility of passing through more information regarding the client from what I currently do. 

Has anyone ever came across anything similar to this request as I have been told from Freshdesk that it may be able to be an external application.

Thank you


1 reply

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Hi @gkperiklis 

Check out the available triggers/actions/searches for each Zap app.