Zoom topic not sent over to Salesforce

Hi there,

I am trying to move zoom webinar registrants into salesforce. First I need to create a campaign in salesforce to add them to. The only field in Zoom that I can see that could be used for that is Topic. The topic does not seem to be coming through in the test data. I can see the field in Zapier but it says no data. I can see the field in Zoom and it has data. 

Any ideas why the topic field isn’t coming through or how else I could automatically create and look up a sensible campaign name from Zoom in SF?




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Hi @Citrine 

Perhaps try configuring the Zap and turning the Zap ON then testing to see if the Topic data point is populated when live data is used.

You can check your Zap Runs history details for the DATA IN/OUT from each step:

Thanks - I might try that. (It is part of a multi-step thing though and the next step won’t let me configure it without this. :-()