“Zoho Recruit (1.17.0)” replacement does not have "Views"

  • 10 January 2021
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In the “New Record Trigger” from “Zoho Recruit (1.17.0)” Zap App one could select a module (i.e. Contacts) and then a view. This was very helpful, because one could set views in Zoho with multiple complex filter criteria. Then the Zap would only trigger if a record in that view would be changed or created. The replacement for this Zap App does no have the view anymore. Is there a way or a plan to get this back in there? Can you relate that to the Zoho people? 



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2 replies

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Hi @thm22


From what you’ve said, it sounds like you’re missing the ability to set filter criteria in the trigger options for the New Record trigger in Zoho recruit. I can’t see any existing feature requests related to the trigger, so please could you get in touch with the Zapier Support team to ask them to take a look. You can do that using the Get Help form:


In the meantime, you can use a Filter step to prevent the Zap from continuing past the trigger unless certain conditions are met (eg there’s specific information in fields from the New record trigger). This guide explain how filters work and how to add them to your Zap:

Hey Thomas,

I am experiencing the same problem at the moment. It seems all my Zaps that were using API 1.17 have been deprecated.

I contacted Zoho Support and they said they have not changed the filtering option on their API. 


It would be quite a big problem for us if the feature had disappeared. I hope this is something Zapier can fix ASAP.


Have you found a work around or fix on your end?