Woocommerce, Trello and Dropbox help

I use Woocommerce to take orders for a digital, customised product.

I’m trying to find out if Zapier can automate the following tasks that I do manually at the moment:

  1. Create a card on Trello after a new order is created
  2. Take an attachment from this Woocommerce order and add it to Dropbox
  3. Also add this attachment to the card created in item 1 above
  4. When new attachments are added to this card, download them back into Dropbox
  5. Email customer from Woocommerce order the file downloaded from the card to Dropbox in item 3 above

I’ve worked out how to do item 1. above, but for the rest of them I’m kinda stumped.

For a bit of context, basically what happens is I get an image from a customer, I then add this to Trello and Dropbox for a colleague to work from.

They then create a new image and drop this onto a Trello card. I download this new image, add it to Dropbox and send it back to the customer.

Any help or direction someone could point me in would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Fraser!

That’s a neat workflow challenge you’ve got there :)

  1. You say you figured that out.
  2. If you can see the attachment in the New Order trigger data for WooCommerce, you can map that file to the Dropbox Create File action. Have you tested that step, to see if you’re able to see the attachment?
  3. Just as with #2 if you can see the attachment from WooCommerce, you can then add it in the File Attachment field of your Create Card action in Trello. So you’d do this at the same time as your #1 item.


  4. I think that should be possible using Trello’s New Activity trigger, then choose Attachment Added to Card. If you know the board and list you can select those.
  5. If there’s something in the card name or description that identifies the customer (with their email address) you can add a step that sends the attachment from #4 above. If the email address is amongst some other text you can use a Formatter step (Extract Email Address) to get just the email address.

Ok, whew! I realize I just threw a lot at you. Can you take a look and see if you’ve got any questions?


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Hi @cyrax02!

I wanted to check in with you on this one. Did you still need help here or did you manage to solve this? Please let us know :)