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Update Firestore Document

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Hi all,

Is it possible to update an specific Firestore document with Zapier?



Best answer by ikbelkirasan 6 July 2020, 10:54

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Hey @andre, @Jimmy@llorenzo, @cyrilduchondoris and @staatscustoms!

I did some checking on this and it doesn’t look like we’ve got any existing feature requests for an “Update Document” action that I can add you all to. So I’d recommend reaching out to out Support Team about this. They’ll be able to open up a feature request for the Firebase/Firestore app integration and get your votes added to that. The best way to contact them is via our Get Help form. :)

Hi, I’m also looking for the update functionality with firestore. Any news to that? How hard is it to create a custom integration? Can you use the current create integration and extend it?


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@andre - Unfortunately, that’s not possible with the current Firestore integration as it only provides an action for creating documents. However, it should be possible with a custom integration. If you’re interested, feel free to send me a message.

@andre Hey I’d like to learn about that custom integration. I’m a software developer with experience building apps, but new to Zapier. Right now I just have the ‘create’ step.

Edit: So I got around this by adding a ‘version’ column in the spreadsheet and then building the document id from it so a new document is written when that value is changed. Then on the firestore end a cloud trigger function to delete the old version of the document. If someone can tell me how to create a hash value out of all the values in a sheets row and put it in the column ‘version’ then that would allow this work without manually changing the ‘version’ column.

@Jimmy - Unfortunately, not yet. You should actually build a custom integration to implement this feature. 

Hello, I am also interested and I am a software engineer as well

@ikbelkirasan has this been fixed yet?  Is there anything that can be done to properly integrate with firestore?

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@Jimmy - Unfortunately, not yet. You should actually build a custom integration to implement this feature. If you’re not familiar with that, feel free to email me at and I’ll be happy to quote you on it.

Would love the ability to update a firestore document, (whether .update() or .set(doc, {merge: true}) rather than only being able to create a new document.