Unable to load Status field options from Jira

  • 23 July 2021
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Here is the scenario


When I try to update the status of a Jira issue in a Zap with a Jira Update Issue trigger I am seeing different behavior based on how the Issue field is set.

If I type in the issue key like XXX-1, all field in the issue are displayed as if I can modify them.

If I use the Fields Key value from the trigger step, I get an error when trying to load the availabe status for the issue.

If I use a Text step to convert the Field Key value from the trigger step, I do not get the list of fields like I do when I type in the issue key but I can retrieve the available statuses


What is going on?  There is something wrong with the translation of the Field Key in Zapier such that it can’t find the issue and hence can’t load the statuses associated with the issue. 


Also, if you have a required field on the Jira screen, you CAN NOT set the field unless you type in the issue key manually, but you can not preserve the field value to what it was because the value you get from the trigger step does not match the value expected by Zapier.  At least for Jira drop down controls, so the only work around is to make the field optional.  


Are all of these known issues in Zapier?

6 replies

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My first guess here is that the ID you’re mapping from the trigger is for an issue that doesn’t exist anymore - so when you map it and Zapier does a search for available fields, it comes back blank.

Could that be it?



No, I have gone down that road.  Like I said, if I attempt to use fill in the ID manually, I do not get the same behavior as referencing the Key. I am attaching 3 screen shots of what I mean.  FYI, I am the site admin and have full permissions on all Jira issues.


 This is what I see when I use the key value from the Jira Update trigger selecting issue ALX-70.  



This is what I see when I type in ALX-70 in the issue field.  Notice not only do I get Status, but every field with the issue type associated with ALX-70.



Here is what I see if I use a text format step like capitalize to return ALX-70 and use the output in the Issue field.  I can select a status to transition to but can not see any of the other fields.  A side effect of this is that if a field is required by a transition you can not set it because it the fields are not available unless you hard code the issue ID in the step which I can’t do.  This totally breaks the use of the Zap.


Three different behaviors using the same Jira issue based solely on how the Issue field is filled out.  I can use the text field hack to at least set the transition but I had to remove ALL “Required” fields to do this.  Are all of these known issues?  



@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu Any updates?

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Hey @ChadUnbehaun,

What you’re describing here appears to be a match for a known bug with the Jira Software Cloud integration where the Update Issue action does not load the fields correctly if you select custom value for the issue key. 

I’ve added you as an affected user on the bug report so we’ll be able to send you an email notification as soon as it’s been resolved. 

We don't have an ETA on when that might be, but in the meantime, I’d recommend trying the workaround documented here:
The "Update Issue" action doesn't provide my custom fields if I'm using a custom issue key

Hope that helps! :)


Thanks for the reply, I will try it and see what happens.  

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Glad to hear it, @ChadUnbehaun! Please do keep us in the loop on how that goes. :)