Unable to create lead. Error : duplicate data. What should I do?

  • 3 February 2021
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I'm trying to connect my Facebook forms with Zoho CRM, but I've a few problems:
1. Unable to create lead


Zapier registers all the leads that we get through Facebook. Nonetheless, it doesn't send them correctly to the CRM because it says that tere is duplicate data (I think it might mean that we already have this lead). However, we don't mind if we already had this lead as long as it's registered to our CRM.
How can we solve it?
2. Action Event
When I choose which event we want to register to Zoho, I can't find the option ''create a lead'' (even if I try to write it into the searcher). 
What should we do in order to create a lead?


A lot of thanks!

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Believe the duplicate setting can be configured in Zoho CRM:

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Try one of these available Zoho CRM actions, which you should be able to specify the Module Type as ‘Lead’.