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Unable to create a lookup table

  • 22 April 2020
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I have been using lookup tables for a while now, however, since the new Zapier user interface, i don’t understand how to create a new lookup table!

I understand that you need to have a “a table that will be used for the lookup - keys on the left and values on the right” - however, in the new user interface, there is no where to enter the table? its just a free text box?  

Am i being really stupid? Where do i enter the different values?

All my existing look up tables are working fine, however, i can’t even see the tables for them either! 

Any help would be amazing!


Best answer by AndrewJDavison_Luhhu 22 April 2020, 15:02

Hi @hugh_hopkins123 & @LCP 

There is an ongoing issue with this:


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I’m having exactly the same problem.

Existing lookup tables where replaced by a single [Object object] line, can’t edit them.

Tried to create a new one, with various combination of [key1 value1] in and outside brackets, to no avail.

I’m thinking it’s more of a display bug with the new interface rather than a complete rework of the way to create them.

Anyhow, as @hugh_hopkins123 said, Any help would be amazing!

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Hi @hugh_hopkins123 & @LCP 

There is an ongoing issue with this:


Hi @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu 

Thanks for the tip, as of the time of this message, the issue looks resolved on my side !

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Thats brilliant, all resolved on my side too. thanks a lot for your help!!