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Trying to connect Wordpress to Zapier, getting an "Error parsing response" error

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+1 can I be in the list, I have the same error

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Welcome to the Community, @Florianccj!

I’ve added you to the list as well. We’ll be in touch by email as soon as there are any updates to share! :)

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Is there a fix for this yet? Looks like this is at least 6 months old at this point. 

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Hello @christina.d I don’t know why you closed my topic 

but this error is still there and i cannot connect.  I need to fixed it urgently as i am loosing a lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or i would like to get my money back for zapier as it is not working and you are stealing my money because this is how we can call when you pay for sth and didn’t receive it.

Looking forward to quick response.

Please check that you put all of ppl in this thread and they have different errors …


I am receiving the “authentication failed: The Zapier WordPress plugin has not been activated on this WordPress site. Please install and activate it first:”


Its a bit ridiculous that they have acknowledged this is an issue and yet aren’t fixing it as a priority… It’s a pretty significant bug.

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Hey @GWENC and @Jackonthenet! :)

@GWENC, I’m really sorry you’re still running into that “authentication failed: Error parsing response.” error. It appears to be the same error that was originally discussed in this thread and christina.d has added you to the bug report that relates to it.  

That said, I’ve been doing some further digging and it looks as though some users have been running into this “Error parsing response” authentication error when using plugins like reCAPTCHA and Jetpack. So one thing you may want to try here would be to turn off the plugins on the site and turn them back on one by one to try to identify which one may be affecting our ability to connect. 
@Jackonthenet, the error you’re running into appears to the same one as mentioned in chelseychubb’s previous message here where she talks about a potential fix for that. Can you give that a try and see if that solves it? 

I am having the same issue, I deactivated all security apps, removed and reinstalled Zapier app but still get the same error message.

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Hey @DR1!

The error you’re running into appears to be different from the authentication failed: Error parsing response error.

With the authentication failed: 403 Forbidden error you’re getting, this tends to be caused by a security plugin or firewall blocking Zapier’s access. More on that here: WordPress - (403) Forbidden Error

As you’re still getting that error after disabling all security related plugins it could be that there are firewall or server settings that are preventing Zapier from accessing your WordPress site. I’d recommend reaching out to your website’s administrator/developer to make sure Zapier is allowed access.

Hope that helps! :)

I deactivated all security plugins before installing Zapier and still got this error message

What is the fix for the original issue? Is this bug fixed? I to am getting the issue and its not a security issue as I can connect gravity forms and zapier fine but not woocommerce?

I am having issue integrating my wordpress to zapier this is what I am  seeing while trying to set up the connection


Has there been a fix for this Error parsing response?

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Hey all! :)

@DR1, I’m so sorry that disabling the security plugins didn’t work. It may be best to contact our Support team so that they can investigate this issue further with you. They will have access to the logs for your Zap and may be able to get some further insight into what’s causing that authentication failed: 403 Forbidden error. 

@allmyhoney, the authentication failed: Error parsing response error here relates to the WordPress integration, not the WooCommerce integration. I can see from this side that you’ve already reached out to our Support team about the different error you’re running into when connecting to WooCommerce and they are assisting you with this. If you have any further questions you can reply on that email thread and they’ll be happy to help! :)

@sonnysamson, I can’t see any screenshot attached to your message showing the error you’re seeing when trying to set up the connection to WordPress. Are you running into the same authentication failed: Error parsing response error? Or are you running into a different error here? 

@Amy creativesonall, there still isn’t a fix for the authentication failed: Error parsing response error unfortunately. I’ve added you as an affected user on the bug report. We’ll be in touch by email as soon as it’s fixed.