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Trouble with sending dates from Google Calendar to Basecamp

I set up an integration from our company’s internal google calendar to create a new event in our main basecamp3 schedule. However, when the new google event is integrated in to the basecamp schedule, it appears as an entry a day later than it is supposed to. For example, I created an event on our google calendar on Saturday, May 29th. However, when this event is integrated in to our Basecamp schedule it appears as a new event on Sunday May 30th. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?


Best answer by SamB 10 September 2021, 16:53

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Hi there @Kimber. 

Thanks for reaching out with your issue. I would love to help to assist you.

Could you provide a screen shot pf your Zap set up?


Sure, it is attached.

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Thank you. I am assuming you are just using the New Event Google Calendar trigger?

Right now I am still trying to understand your problem. Is it possible that there are time zone differences in the two app that you are using?

Is it possible there might be a time zone settings issue?

Yes, the trigger from Google Calendar is New or Updated event (immediate).

No, I do not believe it is a timezone issue. I have checked and they are both set for EST. The time on the Basecamp schedule event is correct, the date is just one day later than when it was scheduled initially. It’s weird

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Hey @Kimber.!

I can see that you’ve written to our Support team about this and they’ve responded to you with some instructions on a potential solution. Are you still running into this issue or did their suggestion help to solve it? 

Please let us know!

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I just wanted to circle back in here to share the suggestion from our Support Team in case it’s helpful to anyone else is running into the same issue:

If we're Zapping all-day events from Google Calendar to Basecamp 3, the end date needs to be modified with -1d, since Google Calendar treats all-day events as starting at midnight today and ending at midnight tomorrow.


You can find out more about modifying dates and times in this way here: Adjust date and time values in Zaps