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Trigger WooCommerce inventory update from spreadsheet at specific time of day

Hello Community,

I would like to update our inventory in WooCommerce from a spreadsheet (Excel or Sheets, does not matter) every day, at 00:01.  Is it possible to automate this process? I have no idea how to even begin this process as we are not changing the inventory levels in a spreadsheet, but rather have the levels go back to the same number everyday.


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Best answer by Danvers 7 July 2020, 13:58

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Hi @Fournil , welcome to the Community!


It’s not currently possible to update WooCommerce inventory using the WooCommerce Zapier integration, sorry about that!


Another thing to bear in mind is that Zapier is best when you think of your workflows as ‘When X happens in app 1, I want Y to happen in app 2’. So, instead of saying ‘at 00:01 I want the inventory to update’ it would look more like ‘When there is a change in the sheet, I want the inventory to update’.

I hope that helps you to better understand what might be possible with Zapier, you can see the full list of triggers and actions for WooCommerce here: WooCommerce Zapier integration app page

Thank you @Danvers, it indeed clarifies the use of Zapier.