Question connection - Authentication failed

  • 26 July 2021
  • 3 replies

All my connections get disconnected and facing this authentication problem when reconnecting.

Zapier connector is enabled on my setting.

Need help on this problem. It had been working for a few months. 


3 replies

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Hi @Eddie Chin 

Looks like the issue is associated with your account, for which, you can contact simplybook and zapier support as well so that they can figure out the exact issue whether it’s associated with Zapier connection or Simplybook end.


Also you can double-check if you have followed the instructions shown here:

Hi @robschmidt,


Thank you for your prompt response.

I had checked with Simplybook. Zapier connector is the only setting on their side.

Seems like the problem in on Zapier end.

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Hi @Eddie Chin 

Check out this help article:

TIP:Try using a private/different browser.