Setting up rule: Teamwork actions not showing

  • 2 December 2021
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Total noob here on Zapier.


I’m working on setting up a Zap and I am setting up a rule….

Rule: once a spreadsheet column is updated (rule setup & testing are fine) 

Action: Teamwork task is complete

My hang-up right now is setting up the action for Teamwork. I get all the way to setting it up but the fields aren’t there like usual, it’s asking me for “task ID” which all the dropdown options are fields in my spreadsheet…. but I would think it would ask what Teamwork fields ie. which project, which task, etc. Any idea how to get this working correctly?


Any help here is appreciated!

1 reply

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Hi @Molly_digital 

Here’s a help article about how to dynamically map data point variables between Zap steps using the ‘Custom’ option: