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Send the same email every week in

  • 20 December 2021
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I am using for collecting email adresses of my clients. 

I would like to send to some of them every wednesday the same email through 

I tried to use the trigger in Zapier to schedule every week an event (“Schedule by Zapier”), but the action following (register contacts to a campaign in cannot be done as the trigger does not contain the email addresses to which the email needs to be sent. 

I do not manage to bypass this isue. Does anyone have an idea how I could send the same email every week with Zapier ? 

I also tried to do this in 2 steps : 

  1. Step 1 : Update a google sheets with the list of email addresses to which I want to send the email
  2. Step 2 : for these email adresses, send every wednesday the same email 

Unfortunately I am reaching the same issue, which is that the trigger (schedule every wednesday) does not contain the email address. I have the feeling I am missing something. 





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Hi @David78! Your Zap could look something like this. So you trigger once every week, then based on some conditions you have set, you look up the email addresses you want to subscribe to and add them to the Campaign in If you cannot subscribe to multiple emails simultaneously, you can use ‘Loop by Zapier’ for this.


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Hi @David78 

NOTE: There are limitations with the GSheets Get/Find Row(s) as those will only return 10 or 20 rows MAX.


You may also need to use the Looping app to handle 1+ contacts:


Airtable may be a better option than GSheets:

Airtable has an API:

The Airtable API has pagination but can return 100 records per page.

App APIs can be used in a Zap with the Webhook app action:


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You may want to look into using native functionality in

Check out this help article:

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@Troy Tessalone Thanks for your messages. The native functionality in does not work unfortunately as it cannot be triggered by a specific date (triggers aren’t dates, they are steps (new contact, new sale, new tag etc)). 

However I used the loop function and it is working well. 

Many thanks. Great help. :thumbsup:  


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@mzsadiek Thanks a lot for your help, with the loop function (for more than 10 or 20 contacts) it is working well. Great !