Send different product emails (Mailchimp) based on specific products ordered (SamCart)

  • 8 September 2021
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I realise this may be a simple fix, I however, cannot see it.

At present I have 2 automations set up for new orders from Samcart.

When a client buys a product, they currently receive details to both products through my automation because I have not selected a specific product to attached the automation to.

Zapier attaches the automation to new order for example.  

How do I plot the automation path to a specific product?  I don’t want people buying one product to receive access to all of my products.

The current automation is set as:

Customer creates order in Samcart

Zap to send customer to Mailchimp - works

To then send them details of the product they have purchased and access to that product - currently allows access to all my products 

Hope I have explained this properly.

Thank you

9 replies

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Hi @missyasminibrahim 

You’ll be able to fix this issue by adding filters to both zaps to have it specific to one product.

Here’s a guide:

If you want a little more help. Feel free to DM, or reach out:


Thank you.

With the filters, am I asking it to exactly match the product name to filter it?

Then how do I ensure that the campaign relevant to this product is the only one that gets sent out in mailchimp.

Sorry for being basic, it is not straightforward for me.



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Hi @missyasminibrahim 

With the Filter step, ideally you use a unique data point to filter on, which could be the Product Name, Product ID, etc.

With the Mailchimp step, that will depend on how the Customer Journey is triggered.

Probably makes sense to trigger it from a Mailchimp Tag, which you can then set in the Zap step to ensure the correct behavior.

Thank you Troy.

The filter has been set up with the product name which triggers a campaign in Mailchimp via the tag.

It is not showing the most recent campaign (it was edited from the original on that I attached) how do I update that to the newest version?

Should I be using campaigns in Mailchimp? I mean is that the right thing to do?

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Hi @missyasminibrahim 

Might depend on how your are testing.

Are you testing with unique data points each time?

Is the Mailchimp Customer Journey ON?

Are the settings for the MC Customer Journey set to this:

Contact repeats journey
Allows contacts to repeat your journey more than once.
After a contact exits a journey, we’ll block them from re-starting it for 5 minutes.
This is designed to help prevent abuse.


My subscriber isn't triggering the Zap

If someone was subscribed to a list, then unsubscribed, and later was added back to the list, the zap will not trigger as it sees it as a duplicate from the first time they subscribed. Unique email addresses will only be sent once.

Another instance where your Zap may not trigger as expected is where subscribers are imported into Mailchimp. To work around this, you can use our Import/Export workaround in order to trigger on these subscribers.

Thank’s again for your comments.

Your questions:

Are you testing with unique data points each time? - I have not idea what this is.

Is the Mailchimp Customer Journey ON? - yes as far as I am aware

I am either not understanding this or its much harder than I am making it.

I appreciate your help but I feel like I am not getting anywhere with this and will probably just unsubscribe to this service.

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Try these Zap steps…

  1. Trigger: SamCart - New Order
  2. Action: Filter (for Product)
  3. Action: Mailchimp - Add/Update Subscriber (set Tag)

This much is in place.

It is the next bit, ie: getting mailchimp to send the correct, most up to date email to this new subscriber.

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Hi there, @missyasminibrahim.

I see Troy has you on the right track here! I double checked and it looks you emailed into our support team, which is perfect. I’ll put their response here as well in case it’s useful to you or other users:

Regarding sending a campaign to someone, Zapier does not have an action that sends a campaign to a specific person. The Send Campaign action will email all contacts in your audience.
To trigger a campaign for each new subscriber, you'll first want to set up up an automation email in MailChimp ( And create a rule that sends an email whenever a specific tag is added to a subscriber.
Once that's set, create a Zap using the MailChimp Add Subscriber To Tag action, which will trigger that automated email you set up.


I hope this helps! 🙂