Salesforce Zap, keep getting a "We couldn’t find a record" message

  • 24 November 2021
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I've been trying to set up a Zap where when a Salesforce opportunity stage goes to Closed Won it will create a new case in SalesForce. For some reason, I keep getting the following message:

We couldn’t find a record

Create a new record in your Salesforce ____ account and test your trigger again.”

I do have an opportunity that is listed as closed won in my Salesforce account though. So really confused with what's going on.

When I swapped it to New Record instead of Updated Field on Record and set the object as Opportunity, it did pull in record though. Attaching screenshot of my Zap set up and Salesforce opportunities.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


2 replies

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Hi @moonfyah 

My Updated Field on Record trigger returns a sample that doesn't match the settings I selected

When looking for a sample, the Updated Field on Record trigger will bring the most recently updated record, even if it doesn't match the value selected in the Field Updated To field. This is expected behavior, but it doesn't affect the Zap when it runs. It will only trigger for the specific value selected for that field.

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A possible workaround would be to remove the ‘Field Updated To’ “Closed Won” value and try to add a Filter as Step 2 for “Closed Won”.


If the issue persists, you can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support: