Salesforce fields are not reflecting in zapier

  • 25 August 2021
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I’m using zap for jotform to salesforce. I created customer object and fields related to the jotform in salesforce. When I tried to relate the fields of jotform to salesforce using zapier the fields in salesforce are not getting reflected. I refreshed many times and also created new zaps from scratch still unable to view the fields. 

4 replies

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Hi @Aman Antal 

Custom fields/objects not loading

Sometimes when you add custom fields or objects in Salesforce, there is a delay between when they will appear in the Zap editor. To fix this with a trigger you can scroll to the bottom of the Salesforce Object menu and select to reload and bring in new choices.

If you are dealing with actions, here's a couple steps that may help:

  • Hard refreshing the page (Shift+F5 on a PC or CMD+Shift+R on a Mac) a couple times
  • Click ‘Refresh fields’ at the bottom of the Zap step
  • Copy that Zap and edit the copied version to see if the fields appear
  • Recreate the Zap from scratch
  • Wait a while longer, sometimes it takes a little while for the cache to refresh with those fields

is it possible that it takes more than 24h?

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It should not take more than 24 hours.

Consider opening a ticket with Zapier Support:

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Hi there, @Aman Antal! Welcome to the Community! I can see you were able to chat with my teammate Leo, which is perfect. 🙂

As Troy mentioned, @zeni our support team should be able to help troubleshoot your specific zap setup but I also wanted to post this link that may be helpful:

Keep us posted!