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Running a Webhook with Line Items

  • 1 October 2019
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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to know if anyone else has come across this. I am getting data from one webhook with a GET request and it returns it as JSON. I am then trying to run a webhook based on this return of data but it is taking the data like field1,field2 and providing it and not sending field1 and then trigger again with field2.

I have tried using the Formatter step to make line items of the fields and it still feeds into the webhook like the above example.

Has anyone got a clean solution for this? The dirty way that I would do it is to make rows on a google sheet with the line item support and then trigger based on that but wondering if there is a cleaner way?



Best answer by ally_seid3l 18 October 2019, 19:56

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6 replies

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It turns out that list items just have to be on the top level. So it doesn't work for nested list items like these :

{items: [{name: value}, {name: value}]}

But will work for top level list items like these :

[{name: value}, {name: value}]

Shoutout to Arvind for solving that in the support.

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Thanks for coming back to us with the answer @StuartJLans! I've also passed your thanks on to Arvy in Support 😀

I wonder if anyone else has come across something similar and found a different way around the issue? Maybe with a code step?

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@StuartJLans - I'm having this same problem with a workflow I'm working on now. Can you elaborate on how you solved this? If the data is coming through as nested, how did you convert it to top level list items?

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I ran into the same issue recently. Hoping to use a code step to solve it but I haven't had time yet to get it working.

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Quick follow up on this for those that are following. I also haven't had a chance yet to look into a code step (on my list!), but I did discover that webhooks will dispatch separate POST calls for line items. This worked for my particular use case: email to mailparser to Zapier to CRM, triggering on unique recipient email address, rather than unique email being parsed.

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Thanks for the update @ally_seid3l - I'm really glad that you found a workaround here!