Re: automatically load URL to an image file in a google docs

  • 2 March 2021
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My first post but have looked a lot and could not really find a workflow that fits the needs.

I set up glide app which enables an image file to be uploaded. This uploads to URL

This URL is saved in the spreadsheet.

I wanted to set up a trigger event that when the spreadsheet row changes a google doc is created. based on a template. This works fine, however in the google doc it only loads the URL. I wanted to embed the image automatically. This is however not really an action that can be choosen in Zapier. Does anyone kno a workaround?


3 replies

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Hi @CarlosVB 

Check this related Topic:


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Hi @CarlosVB!

I just wanted to check in with you to see if you’d managed to get things working, or whether you could still use some help here. Please let us know :)

Yes, thanks for checkup. I used google slides instead of google docs to make the offer. Now it works. As a trigger I made a glide app to upload the images. That seemed to work. Then i did have some issues because of the overload of zaps. But then saw what was causing it. What happened is that Glide made 8000 empty rows in my spreadsheet. Each one triggered a zapier action. This was what made the Zap overload. I put my zap off, deleted the zap actions, deleted the empty rows in my spreadsheet and put the zap back on. Now it works fine!