Private Google Calendar invite/revoke access based on Memberpress subscription status

  • 4 July 2021
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From the article published:


I can see there are a number of Google Calendar<->Memberpress automations/integrations.  However, I am wondering if there is an automated way with Zapier to:


Trigger:  MemberPress Subscriptions Created/Resumed
Action:  Google Calendar Give access to private calendar


Trigger: MemberPress Subscription Expired/Paused/Stopped

Action:  Google Calendar Remove access to private calendar



1 reply

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Hi @cspencer!

It looks like some of the MemberPress triggers you are looking for are available here:

Unfortunately the Add User/Give Access to Calendar and Revoke Access to Calendar actions are currently open feature requests for the Google Calendar integration.

I've added your vote for that functionality! Should this be added in the future, we will send you an email 👍

Sorry I couldn’t give you better news here!