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Passing Google Analytics data when tagging an Intercom conversation

  • 9 March 2020
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Hi all,

Been trying to sort something for a long time and wanted to see if anyone in the community can offer help before I pull all my hair out. 🤪

We have a B2B website and only want to pass "Goal" data to Google Analytics after a visitor has been qualified as a lead when they have a live chat conversation on our website (i.e. not every live chat results in a lead being generated).

The userflow is as follows:

1) Visitor comes to our website and engages with a pre-sales agent via an Intercom live chat.

2) If the visitor has an interest in getting a quote on the back of the chat, the sales agent adds a "tag" to their Intercom conversation.

3) This tag then triggers (via Zapier) the Goal in Google Analytics.

We can get the Goal to trigger correctly in Google Analytics, but unfortunately no source/medium/keyword or campaign data is passed through. The data in Google Analytics is always attributed as a "Direct" visitor.

Anyone have experience with this, or any advice/recommendations for an expert to help set this up for us.

Thanks very much


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4 replies

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Hi @Barry! Welcome to the Community! I have to confess that Google Analytics is one of the trickier integrations to work with, but it sounds like you've made a great start!

As a first pass, could you please:

  1. Check to see that the Internal IP Exclusion setting isn't checked (you might need to adjust this to include your own IP address)
  2. Allow bot traffic
  3. Ensure the goal is set up in GA the same as your Zap
  4. Check the value of your goal (e.g make sure the goal is set to use "equal" if your Zap is also set up for that, rather than "better than" which appears to be the default value)

And am I correct in understanding that you are seeing Goal conversions in Google Analytics, but they aren't correctly attributing the source for the goal, is that right?

I’m having the same issue with OP connecting a different app (Artibot). Event tracking is working in Google Analytics but they are all classified as “direct” source of traffic.

It seems we have to enter some fields (beyond the “required” fields), perhaps the “Custom Client ID” or “User ID” and/or other non-required fields in the “customized measurement settings” within Google Analytics Zap settings in Zapier. I can’t seem to find a resource or guide to help me solve this. I want to be able to track both paid traffic, organic and referral traffic. I have access to Google Tag Manager if needed to setup correctly.

Can anyone point me and the OP in the right direction?

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Hi @DC1111 The Google Analytics integration can be tricky to troubleshoot without really digging into your Zap and settings in Google Analytics. I’ve escalated your question to the Support Team so that they can take a look at this with you. Someone will be in touch via email as soon as possible. Thanks!

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I wanted to follow up with the response from our Support Team on this one, in case someone is having a similar issue:


Thanks for reaching out! I hope you're having a great day so far—happy to lend a hand here.

Pondered this one a bit more. Based on this article:

Google Analytics will report a traffic source of "direct" when it has no data on how the session arrived at your website, or when the referring source has been configured to be ignored. You can think of direct as GA’s fall-back option for when its processing logic has failed to attribute a session to a particular source.

Zapier records a measurement to your Google Analytics account by hitting Google's servers directly; and I know that Google Analytics infers referral source by storing data inside of the user's web browser. (Using cookies.)

Might it be possible to send data in a hidden field via air bot to the Zap with Custom Client Id that is different each time. If you can set it up to send that via a hidden field in Airbot that can do that, that would be best. You could map that value to the field in the Zap template.

I'm not familiar enough with Google Analytics myself to know how to capture that UUID into the hidden field in Gravity Forms, though.

As a backup plan, if that's not possible, you could use a Code Step to generate a random UUID (version 4) to map into the Custom Client Id field, though that would be outside our scope of support as it would be custom code.

Leaving that field blank defaults to a specific UUID that is shared by all Zapier users, which is likely the source of your current problem.