"New or Updated Event in Google Calendar" triggered without active updates

  • 17 September 2021
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Hej there,

I'm using Zapier to synch Google Calendar with Notion. The step "New or Updated Event in Google Calendar" gets triggered about two times the day before the event for existing calendar entries – without any updates/changes to the event from my side!

The only thing that changes if I check out the log is the ETag. Does anyone know what could be triggering the update of the ETag? I don't have any addons installed or use any third party apps... Thanks!

9 replies

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Hi @AnnaT 

Perhaps these help articles will be helpful…


"Event Updated" is triggering multiple times on the same event

If you have a repeated event and you update the series, the Zap will trigger once per event. So if the event repeats 10 times, it will trigger 10 times. There isn't a way around this, as each individual calendar entry in a series is considered its own event.

  • The Event Updated trigger will fire for calendar events autogenerated by Google, such as: birthday calendars, imported .ics files, imported .csv files.
  • The Event Updated trigger will also fire whenever you update a recurring event and choose to update multiple events in the series.


The "New Event Matching Search" trigger is firing too often or on old events

If older events in Google Calendar are updated, this can cause the Zap to trigger on them. When checking for events on Google Calendar, Zapier looks at the last updated date and gets any events updated in the last three days, regardless of when they were created.

To avoid this, you can add a Filter step, to check if the Created at date is after a certain date, such as the Zap's creation date, and avoid old events triggering the Zap.


Make sure to check out the available help articles for GCal:

Hej Troy,

thanks a lot! But unfortunately it doesn’t really help: The events are neither recurring nor in the past or somehow old...

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Do you have any reminders set on the GCal Event?


No, nothing… I never use reminders.

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I suggest opening a ticket with Zapier Support so they can investigate further:

Thanks, we already were in touch, but they also couldn’t help me :-( I thought maybe another user had the same experience and was able to solve the issue...

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Hey @AnnaT,

I’ve been doing some digging on this side and it looks like there’s an open feature request to prevent the Google Calendar integration from triggering on updates to the Etag field. So I’ve added your vote to that. I don’t have an ETA but we’ll be in touch by email as soon as it’s been implemented. :)

In the meantime, I’m not sure what app is responsible for updating the Etag field but it may be worth looking into any other third party apps thatmay be connected to your Google Calendar account to determine whether one of them is performing the updates that are triggering the Zap unexpectedly and remove the connection if possible. 

Thanks @SamB ! Can’t wait for that feature :) I already checked the connected apps but wasn’t able to make out the triggering one so far… It could be the Apple Calendar, but I’m not sure.

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You’re welcome, @AnnaT! :)

It’s possible that Apple Calendar could well be performing those updates. It may be worth removing the connection to it temporarily to see if the Zap then stops triggering unexpectedly.