New entry in Google Sheets, searching several rows ahead of populated data

  • 13 October 2021
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Good day,


We have had zapier running on an extisting sheet for a few months. Recently the ZAP gives error that the email address field is empty. 

We also use Zapier to create a customer and invoice in quickbooks - this one too says that the full name field is empty even though there is data. 


When creating a new zap, the test data indicates that the zap is looking for data at least 5 rows ahead of where we have data. 

Can we reset the zap to look in prior rows or do we have to abandon the sheet and create a new one?



1 reply

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Hi @Prosper 

Please post screenshots about how your Zap steps are configure along with the issues.

What app is being used for the Zap trigger?

Perhaps fields got renamed and thus need to be remapped in the Zaps.