New Deal in Specific stage in Hubspot to update row in Google Sheets, Property Update

  • 24 November 2021
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Dear all,

I would like to update a Google Sheet Row as soon as a deal enters the stage “closed won” in Hubspot. I have managed to setup the zap with all necessary sheet columns, but I would like to reassure what happens with all the other deal properties, e.g. Amount, Set-up fee, Deal owner, Associated AE etc. as part of my chosen Google Sheet 

1. Are they also updated as soon as the Trigger “ specific deal stage” hits? I.e. Is all the information transported to the sheet that are in HS at the time when deal stage “DealWon” is achieved? 
For example, if the Deal Amount changed during a negotiation and was manually updated by an AE In Hubspot to the correct amount in earlier deal stages but before “ClosedWon” triggers, does it take over the amount’s latest update?

2. or do I have to use a different zap for every property change I want? (In that case I know that the trigger “deal property change” exists).



2 replies

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Hey @KSplanet ,


The other information in google sheet will also get updated to the latest value.

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Hi @KSplanet 

Think of the Zap trigger data as a snapshot of data for that moment in time.

So if the Zap triggers and certain fields are populated and other fields are empty, then that’s the snapshot of data that the Zap will use.

So you may need additional Zaps to find/update the GSheets row to keep the data updated.


Zap Steps

  1. Trigger: HubSpot - ???
  2. Action: GSheets - Lookup Row
  3. Action: GSheets - Update Row (map the row ID from step 2)