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Hi all,

I have been looking on the community for a while, but couldn't find what i need. So may'be someone knows the answer for me.

The case is:

I run an query on an API request. That's working fine. But sometimes i have 1 result, sometimes multiple results. What is good. (For your perception: i make an call to the APIv3 of HubSpot and i am looking for deals what are 20 days in the past are set to an certain dealstage) 

Someday i find 2 deals, sometimes i find 8 deals. 


Now i want to send to the deal id's that i find the same e-mail. How do i run this? Because if i have 1 results than it’s easy for me. But by multiple?? Do have first store them in google sheets? 

I need some pointers to use, i am on the 50k zap plan of zapiers so anything is possible.

The result of the query is data field with al deal id's in one line the a comma between it. So i need for every deal id a zap send an email as a single starter. ( the deal id is the only thing i need, with other API calls i make my email ready. That’s not a problem)


What could be an solution is to like this one:

But i need some help

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It's an array what i need to split out to run the same zap every time. I really don't know how to split the array in seperate task. 

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Hi @rikmaris 

Sorry we missed your post! Did you get this sorted or do you still need some help?