Missing fields from Airtable New/Updated Record trigger when setting up Google Sheets action

  • 21 September 2021
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I am trying to configure a zap that will update a google spreadsheet each time a record is created/updated in Airtable.


The Trigger I am using is “new or updated record in airtable” and the action “Find or Create a Row in Google Sheets”.  When I get to the Step of mapping the Google Sheet Fields to the corresponding fields in Airtable, there are a number of fields that are not appearing in the dropdown menu. Does anyone know what may be causing this and how to remedy it? I’ve included a screenshot below (note: the fields that do not have the airtable icon next to the field name are those that I manually keyed in)




3 replies

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When you created a row in Airtable and pulled it in as a test in Zapier, are you sure those missing columns were filled out?

Also, I have hit the “Refresh Fields” button when configuring the zap and it still does not pick up the missing fields.

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Make sure the Airtable Record fields have values populated.

Change your trigger test data: