Make DocuSign trigger on multiple signatures on the single document?

  • 26 September 2020
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Hi .. Im new with zapier, working on an integration between docusign and monday.

the action is simple:

the Trigger = Docudesign.

the action = taking place in a MONDAY board.

the Task = Im working on workflow approval process with 4 signers in Docsign. I need the following

change a  status in Monday’s item every time someone place his signature on docucument  (envelope) in docusign. check the attached image.

Would you help in this ??

52 replies

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I second this request - particularly being able to assign more than ONE signer to a single document. Sucks that we can’t do this. I emailed Zapier support and Leo told me it is added to Zapier’s road map but no ETA. Hoping if more people start looking for this, it will expedite the process.

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Hi @rdk21 ,

Thanks for reaching out- I see Leo added you to this feature request. You’re correct, the more folks who are interested in a request, the more likely it is to go into production. 

That being said, since this looks possible via API, a Zapier-Certified Expert could possibly build this for you. Check out our Experts here: Hoping that helps!

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Hi @alani!

I’m not 100% familiar with Docusign, but would the Envelope Sent or Completed trigger work here? My understanding is that an envelope is completed when it’s signed, is that right?


If that’s the case, then you’d likely need to set up some filters so that the Zap would only continue to run if certain conditions were met (eg the name of the envelope). I hope that helps!

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I did.

but I need to wait for 15 minutes every time I need to try the zap … how can I solve this problem with DocuSign .. it is killing me … Im trying to search for another signing app because of this

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Hi @alani - Stepping in for Danvers here. It looks like the current integration only allows one signature per doc to occur and trigger off of. I think the hold here is that you need 4 signatures per single doc, which our current abilities does not provide. I’ve gone ahead and added you to this feature request. We’ll send you an email once we have an update to share. Thanks!

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Many thx @steph.n 

the most important feature is to ask the developers   to make an instant response in Docusign triggers and actions. 

If  integrations with DocuSign are instant, it is easy to overcome the above problem by using (Zapier Storage).

Your Kind answer is highly appreciated (Docusign Instant Trigger/Action). :pray_tone1:

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Hi @alani - I’ve left feedback with the team when I added you to the feature request.

They will do what’s possible and you’ll be updated when we have an update to share. Thanks!

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As a law firm, this is a very big problem we’re also encountering… Instead of sending 1 envelope with 4 signature requests and the data carrying over, it is sending 4 separate envelopes costing 4 times the amount. This idea of a “send a signature request” rather than “send an envelope” was a very basic oversight by Zapier and/or DocuSign.

And to see the this thread is recent with little to no update makes us that much more disappointed, and left thinking you’re actually doing nothing.

Please notify us when this is fixed because having spent some $1,400 for an annual plan, it isn’t until we’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours putting it all together to find this basic feature isn’t available. :rage:

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Hi @RHC, thanks for your message and I’m sorry that this is impacting your business in this way. 


I can see that you’ve been added to the feature request so we’ll send you an email when that feature request has been added. We’ll also updated this thread in the Community. 

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Hello @alani I can also see from Docusign’s platform that they have Webhooks available, which might be of use in your case -


A webhook will allow Zapier to receive rapid notifications about DocuSign envelope events. As your envelope progresses from state to state and approaches completion, it creates event updates for your listener. Within these updates, 

You can find out more about recieving webhooks here:


Recieiving a webhook is often as simple as giving the webhook URL from Zapier to the app you want to integrate (although sending one is often a bit trickier depending on what you’re trying to do)


If you need any more help with this, I also highly recommend getting in touch with a Zapier expert who will be able to build this for you if needed.

Hope that helps!

Can you please add me to this request as well? While there's obvious complexity and implementing something that would have an unlimited number of potential signer role mappings, I believe that merely adding a second role that can be configured would accommodate the vast majority of requests. The obvious use case is the one already mentioned in this thread with two spouses both needing to sign a DocuSign signing request under separate names, emails, and roles.  You could probably even simplify by not having separate email bodies or subjects to configure but that would obviously be more versatile.  Thanks!  Joe

Could you please add me to this future request?if you could pass two signing roles at a minimum into the initial signing request for DocuSign, it would be hugely more valuable and would allow DocuSign to manage the stateful aspects of the approval workflow.  At least for my use case, the ability to map a second name, email, and signing role Even with the same email and subject into the request optionally would be great.  I suspect that would cover the vast majority of requests since many documents have at a minimum two signers.  If a preconfigured Zap that would benefit from this is helpful for testing or understanding the feature request please reach out.  Thanks! 

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Hi @Joe C. - Herndon Taxes - you have been added to this feature request and will receive any updates via email!

Can I also please be included in this feature request?


At the moment, I cannot fully take advantage of the Create Signature Request in DocuSign action because it only requests signature from one recipient and I need at least 2 since I have to sign parts of the document myself as well.


It would also be great if we can CC (receive a copy) other recipients.


Thank you!

Can you please let us know when this feature will be released?


We are also facing the same problem. 


Not able to send requests to multiple recipients via Zapier’s DocuSign module.

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Hi @mikkojrvs and @VarsityVillage you’ve both been added as interested users as well. You’ll be notified when the feature has been added, but at this time I can’t provide an ETA for that, I’m afraid.

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Please add me as well!

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Hi @aparna, I’ve added you to that feature request, thanks!

Hi please add me to this, I need a way that when a dual document is signed it sends another dual document for signature (Or HTML email with powerform link & data pulled into link from first signer)


Currently i have ninja forms using query strings & email action with the form fields populating the buttons query strings to create the powerform, so Im unsure how to do this, is it possible using zapier addon for ninjaforms so that when the first one gets sent that it sends a link to zapier (for the second one, populating the querystring) and its then sent from there upon completion of the first document???




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Hi @adrianm ,

I have added you to this request! I’m unsure if the second part of your post is possible but perhaps someone can chime in with a workaround they may have uncovered. 

Please add me as well. This limitation makes the the integration useless for the majority of our requests.

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Hi @nvavratx, I’ve added you to that feature request, thanks!

Please add this feature!! In one single form, we could collect all new client data, send a docusign that goes to the client, and then automatically forwards to the veterinarian. This would be a GAMECHANGER!! Thanks!!


add me plz


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Hi @CollarAndSaddle and @KP Management! I’ve added you both as users that are interested in that feature 🙂