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Lookup row in Google Sheets with a spreadsheet-style formula

  • 22 July 2020
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Hi Janet and Liz, 

I’m running into a similar issue, I explain my case to see if anyone can help me out here: 

Our goal is to create a tag in Mailchimp based on a score the user obtains by completing a quizz in Typeform. 

The current automation looks like this: 


Typeform → Create row in Google Sheets → Lookup table → Update Sheet → Mailchimp Tag


We need to lookup the values in order to return a category or result, instead of a numeric value that Typeform provides in the calculator. Our categories are 3: “Suscriptor organizado, Suscriptor listillo, Suscriptor desastre”. 

The Zap is working, but when doing the lookup action and return the value, the updated sheet step select a random row rather than the actual row I need. (See screenshots below)

Appreciate some help on this = )




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Hey @Javier Vinas thanks for posting the extra details here! Are you able to post a screenshot of how you have you “Find Row” step configured for Google Sheets as well as your “Create New Subscriber” step for MailChimp? That should give us a bit more info to go off of to figure out why the Zap isn’t finding and returning what you were expecting. Let us know!

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Hi @Jesse, 

We found a workaround and decided to use the “Spreadsheet Style Formula”. 

In case someone experienced the same issue, here is how we solved it: