Linkedin Lead Gen Forms: question field naming is incorrect

  • 3 December 2021
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We recently have had an issue pop up with our LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads that I was hoping someone could help with. 

Our Zap is intended to send LinkedIn data to SalesForce.

When setting up the action, the data from the LinkedIn forms doesn’t come into Zapier in a easy to read variable name.



Rather than be labeled “First Name”, “Email”,  etc you get this ‘Questions X’ format. It makes it extremely difficult to plan the Zap, because the question number doesn’t always relate to the same field each time. For example, Questions 1 may be email on one form and first name on another. 


A LinkedIn / Zapier tutorial from June of this year showed no “Questions X” variables, but used a naming convention that made sense. 



This Questions X variable name is causing a ton of problems in the management of our Zaps, and typically causing the process to fail due to the correct Email Field not being used. 


Any ideas as to why it says “Questions X” and not a field name that means something?

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Hi @ryan.h.gough 

You might want to open a ticket with Zapier Support to inquire more about this:


You may have to configure 1 Zap per LinkedIn Lead Gen Form in order to properly map the variables.