Is there a limit to the number of items Transfer by Zapier can transfer at once?

  • 19 October 2021
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Are there any limits in place when using Transfer? And does it depend on which plan I’m on (or if I’m not on a paid plan at all)?

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Yep, there are limits in place and these do differ depending on the plan that you’re on:

  • 100 items is the read limit for Free and trial accounts. This means that you can preview the 100 most recent records and then transfer those to your destination app.

  • 25,000 is the write limit for all accounts. Additionally, there is a write limit based on how many remaining Tasks an account has for a given month.

  • There is not currently a read limit for paid accounts. This is important because you may have 60,000 records from which you'd like to choose, then filter them down to just transfer the records you need.

Hope this helps to answer your question! :)