Is it possible to run test action across multiple steps at the same time?

  • 21 July 2021
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Hi everyone, 

I’m using Zapier for some time now, with dozens of long multiple steps Zaps.

For some reason, I need to update every test action on each steps of a Zap.

Right now, when testing a new trigger action, I need to go manually on each step to Test and get the updated information. 

For 10-15 steps Zap, this takes a while. 
Is there any way to execute all the steps with “test action” automatically ?

Why do I need to do that ? 
- Updating the Zap, when I need to use a new trigger. I want every variables & info to be updated on all steps. (minor issue)
- For some reason, when an Instant Trigger didn’t work, I need to execute manually every steps if I want to proceed the failed trigger again. (major issue) - Do you know an other way? (That’s an instant trigger that I can’t replicate from the linked app).


Thanks for your help!
Pierre-Louis ​​​​​​​

6 replies

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Hi @Pierre-LouisF 

You may need to make sure you are correctly mapping data points between steps, using the ‘Custom’ mapping option.

Check out this help article:

Zap Basics:

Hi @Troy Tessalone,

Thanks for your reply. 
Indeed, I use Custom mapping option, no issue with that. 

But let’s say I have a Zap with 5 steps. Already running. All testing actions has been done when creating the zap. Each step have custom variables depending on the previous Step, with the first step depending on the Trigger App with a “Example Sample A” as testing trigger value.


Trigger.Value(A) > Step1.Output(Trigger.Value(A)) > Step2.Output(Step1.Output(A)) > Step3.Output(Step2.Output(A)) > Step4.Output(Step3.Output(A)) > Step5.Output(Step4.Output(A))


Now, let’s say I want to do some maintenance, and I want all 5 steps to be updated with their Custom variables depending on the “Example Sample B” from Trigger App.

Trigger.Value(B) > Step1.Output(Trigger.Value(A)) > Step2.Output(Step1.Output(A)) > Step3.Output(Step2.Output(A)) > Step4.Output(Step3.Output(A)) > Step5.Output(Step4.Output(A))

Right now, I have to run Test Action manually on each Step in order to update the Custom variables of each step.

Trigger.Value(B) > Step1.Output(Trigger.Value(B)) > Step2.Output(Step1.Output(A)) > Step3.Output(Step2.Output(A)) > Step4.Output(Step3.Output(A)) > Step5.Output(Step4.Output(A))

Trigger.Value(B) > Step1.Output(Trigger.Value(B)) > Step2.Output(Step1.Output(B)) > Step3.Output(Step2.Output(A)) > Step4.Output(Step3.Output(A)) > Step5.Output(Step4.Output(A))


My question was : Is it possible to run all Test Action automatically on each steps ? 
This save a lot of time, especially when you have to maintain dozens of Zaps with 10-15 steps in each.


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Q: Is it possible to run all Test Action automatically on each steps?

A: No, each Zap step has to be tested (or skip test) manually.

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Hey @Pierre-LouisF

Troy is correct on this, it’s currently only possible to test each step individually. That said, I can totally see how that would be useful so I’ve passed your comments here over to the relevant teams so it can be used to improve the testing capabilities in the Zap Editor. While I can’t promise anything, all feedback is considered for future implementation! :)

In the meantime, though not ideal, the only way to test all steps in one go would be to turn the Zap on and run a “live” test by triggering the Zap. That would run through each step without the need to test each step individually. 

Thanks @SamB, really appreciated.

As an alternative issue with that, you may have a suitable solution for my situation : 

Let’s say that for some reason, a Zap is turned Off for some time, and doesn’t catch up a trigger. 

If it’s impossible for me to run the trigger once again after turning on the Zap (the App doesn’t allow to do that in “live”), is there any way to run manually run the entire Zap based on this skipped trigger ?

Have a great day!

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You’re welcome @Pierre-LouisF! :)

Zaps are designed to be used in real-time, so they won’t be able to trigger on new or updated items that came through while the Zap was turned off. That said, if you’re able to export the missed data from the trigger app as a CSV file then there is a workaround using Google Sheets that you could potentially use to get a Zap to trigger on the missed data. 

We have a guide on how to set up that workaround to import the missing data into your Zaps here: Bulk import data into Zaps

Hope that workaround helps!